Subaru Service Tips  and FAQs for Massachusetts Drivers

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance is a deceptively  difficult task for Massachusetts drivers. Between city traffic, bumpy back  roads and crazy weather, you face no shortage of obstacles when it comes to  keeping your Subaru in top shape. Fortunately, the service team at our Subaru dealership near Plymouth, MA,  is well equipped to help you tackle any maintenance or repairs you find  yourself needing.

That being said, there are lots of steps you can take to  stay on top of routine maintenance yourself. With this in mind, we've assembled  a quick list of tips and tricks to help you know what's what in terms of oil  changes, brake repairs, tire replacements and battery checks:


Oil Changes


To ensure that your Subaru stays on the road for many miles  and years to come, you need to ensure it always has fresh, clean oil that will  help extend the life of your engine. Many drivers still operate based on the  old every 3,000 miles rule when it comes to oil changes, but you  should pay attention to manufacturer-suggested intervals, as well as the  conditions in which you drive.

Why should you be sure to stay on top of regular oil  changes? Fresh oil:

  • Keeps your engine cool and reduces friction
  • Removes the grime that builds up in old oil
  • Can improve your fuel efficiency and extend your  car's engine life

We take care of oil changes quickly and efficiently at  Mastria Subaru, and we're happy to answer all your questions about conventional  vs. synthetic oil.


Brake Repairs


Odds are part of the reason you invested in a Subaru was to  gain access to all-wheel drive capabilities, ensuring you stay in control no  matter what the winter weather throws at you. To fully command your vehicle,  you need to ensure that your brakes are in good working order at all times.

How can you tell if it's time to get your brakes checked?  Look out for:

  • Screeching or grinding sounds when you press the  brake pedal
  • Increased braking times, or difficulty slowing  down and coming to a stop
  • Pulling to one side or the other involuntarily  as you drive
  • The feeling of a soft pedal that  goes all the way to the floor
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel when you brake

Keep in mind that factors like your type of commute and  driving habits can cause brakes to deteriorate quickly, and make sure you get  your brakes checked often!


Tire Replacements


The rough roads in and around Raynham and New England's  changing seasons make tire maintenance an important part of your Subaru  ownership experience. Between investing in a solid set of snow tires to  maintaining the all-weather tires that keep you safe on the road, it's  important to monitor your tires at all times. Check tire pressure regularly,  fill your tires with air when needed and be sure to keep your spare tire  inflated at all times, too.

How can you tell it's time to think about purchasing a new  set of tires? Check your current set for:

  • Wear bars across tire heads
  • Cracks along treads
  • Bubbles in the rubber

Also pay attention to any vibrations you feel when driving,  and pull over immediately if you feel a loss in air pressure. Finally, as a  rule of thumb, replace your tires every six years or 50,000 miles.


Battery Checks


Rapid temperature changes and brutally cold New England  nights make battery maintenance hugely important. You don't want to begin your  day by learning that your car won't start, or end up stranded away from home because  your battery died. If you know it's been a long time since your battery was  tested, don't wait until it's too late!

Here are some warning signs to look for in your battery:

  • It takes considerable effort for your car to  start
  • The lights in your cabin and on your dashboard  appear dim
  • You see rust or corrosion spots on your battery

Be proactive about keeping your battery charged, and  consider investing in a cold weather battery to drive with peace of mind for  many winters to come.

These tips and tricks cover some of the most common issues we see at  Mastria Subaru, but we know you're likely to have many more questions. Feel  free to get in touch with our friendly, experienced service team today, and  rest assured knowing you have an ally on your side when it comes to keeping  your Subaru running in peak condition.