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  • Chris Dunn
    General Sales Manager
    (508) 880-9799 ext. 1415

    Hi, my name is Chris Dunn and I am the General Sales Manager of Mastria Subaru.  My primary responsibility as the GSM at Mastria is the buying, selling and marketing of all new and pre-owned vehicles.  I also am responsible for training and motivating my sales force as I continue to build upon the excellent reputation of the Mastria organization.

    I grew up in Quincy, MA and started selling Subarus in 1986 at Boston Subaru.  Since then, I have managed the operations of two other Subaru dealerships in the greater Boston area before coming to Mastria.  I joined Mastria because of their impeccable reputation for taking care of the customer.  Making my customers feel valued in a comfortable atmosphere has been my goal since becoming a manager.  I am able to accomplish this at Mastria, as I quickly realized how closely our goals were aligned. I am happy working at Mastria because it is a well structured dealership that offers me growth potential and an excellent work atmosphere. 

    When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I like swimming, bike riding, skiing and many other recreations sports.  I am constantly striving for success both professionally and personally.

  • Tony Boutros
    Sales Manager

  • Dave Geyer
    F&I Director

    Hi, my name is David Geyer and I've been working with Subaru for over 20 years now. Over the years my experience has taught me that providing a friendly and comfortable environment for customers and employees is the key to running a successful business. Of all of the Subaru dealerships I've worked at, nobody exemplifies this goal as much as Mastria Subaru. It has been a pleasure working with Mastria and I would strongly suggest anyone to come experience the Mastria difference.

    I believe we do an outstanding job here at Mastria Subaru because the majority of our business is repeat customers and referral.  Making a good impression is so crucial that we work everyday to find new and useful ways to create a better experience for our customers. If you are a person in the market for a new vehicle, I would highly recommend stopping by and experiencing Mastria Subaru for all it has to offer. 

  • Ron Cohen
    Product Specialist

    I like working at Mastria Subaru because it is "the right size." It is big enough to be proactive in adopting "best practices," yet small enough to make sure customers are treated in a personal manner.

    Someone should consider buying from me because I have twenty years of Subaru experience working across sales, service management, and sales management. Add this to Mastria's history of success and best business practices and you have a satisfied customer.

    My hobbies and recreation consist of oil painting, restoring antique cars, flying, and collecting antiques (clocks, 18th century china, and early radios).

    As for work experience, I have been a Sales Manager/Sales Consultant at various Subaru dealerships, and a Sales Representative at an Acura dealership.

  • Jwana Boutros
    Product Specialist

  • Jake Bonenfant
    Product Coordinator

  • Jimmy Plausse
    Service Manager
    (508) 802-9420

    Hi, my name is Jimmy Plausse and I am the service manager at Mastria Subaru. I've been working in the service department for many years now and am proud to say that we have recently received the Summit Award thanks to our superior Subaru service. I contribute this award to the hard working staff in the service department as well as the loyal customers who praise our performance. The environment is very welcoming and enjoyable  for both the staff and our customers, and we work hard everyday to maintain and improve upon these important aspects that make us who we are.

    If you are a customer in need of service, I would absolutely recommend giving us a try. We provide many benefits and specials on both parts and labor to help our customers save as much money as possible. We are always kind and courteous and willing to help anyone with any type of issue with their vehicle. If there is ever any problem with your vehicle, our highly trained technicians and helpful service will tackle any obstacle. I can assure you that we will do everything possible to make your experience with us an enjoyable one. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.

  • Justin Gillon
    Service Advisor

  • Rui Medeiros
    Service Advisor

  • Gordon St. Yves
    Parts Manager

  • Jim Lecesse
    Parts Advisor

  • Steve Caffrey
    Parts Advisor

  • Grey McMahon
    Reconditioning Department

  • Angie Stephenson
    Office Manager

  • Megan Loveday
    Title & Registration Clerk


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